Through our worldwide partnership with RQA Group we offer clients a wide range of product safety services to help them minimize risk while maximizing preparedness and crisis response. Our services include confidential, 24/7 support from a global network of outstanding technical, legal, analytical and PR specialists – each ready to deliver comprehensive pre-incident and crisis response services whenever and wherever necessary.

With a deep understanding of global product sectors and regulatory requirements, our team has provided extensive support for some of the world’s most successful enterprises — protecting their revenues, reputations and even survival. We help companies reduce risk through comprehensive assessments, planning and training; plus, mitigation of recall losses through logistical, analytical, investigatory and recovery support.

Risk Prevention Services

  • Crisis Management Plans Development
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Online Gap Analysis
  • On-Site Risk Assessments
  • Program Review and Development

Incident Response and Crisis Support

  • Product Recall and Traceability
  • Product Testing
  • Regulatory Support
  • Crisis Team Support
  • Crisis Communications
  • Technical Product Expertise
  • Malicious Investigations and Support
  • Reverse Logistics