FDA plans to ramp up inspections

FDA to ramp up inspections after COVID-19

FDA ready for resumption of domestic inspections after slowdown On July 10, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced they plan to resume prioritized domestic inspections of FDA-regulated facilities and other associated activities.  This is following their postponement of on-site inspections in March of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the… Read more »

undeclared allergens

Undeclared allergens remain top FDA and USDA recall

Undeclared allergens continue to be one of the top causes of food recalls and 2020 is following suit—especially during the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has led to supply chain management challenges for food manufacturers and processors, ingredient suppliers, vendors and regulators. What are undeclared allergens? The Food Allergy and Research Organization estimates that 15 million… Read more »

recall consulting

Safeguard clients with product recall consulting services

Safeguard clients with product recall consulting services Many companies do not realize that recall insurance can include the value-added services of crisis consultants. These services not only help policyholders proactively mitigate their risk, but also helps them react quickly and efficiently in the event of a recall or contamination.  Through our worldwide partnership with Read more »

US product recalls

A simple summary of the U.S. product recall system

There are many different types of product recalls that happen on a daily basis within the United States, and most are not even covered by the media—usually only those that are striking to the public ear are reported in the news. This article helps to simplify the U.S. product recall system so you can easily… Read more »

CPSC plans aggressive move

CPSC plans an aggressive approach for safety recalls

Increased product safety comes after CPSC is put in the hot seat While recalls under the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have fallen to their lowest level in 16 years, recently there has been a push for tougher regulations. Several high-profile safety issues in 2019 generated a great deal of attention and concern amongst the… Read more »

options for product recall coverage

Understanding product recall coverage options

With all our recent articles on the imminent dangers of product recalls and contamination events, the astronomical costs associated, and the growing government push for more stringent oversight and safety requirements, you can see why product recall coverage is a must for any size business. But, what is actually covered—and what are the coverage options?… Read more »

10 biggest U.S. product recalls of all time

Recalls are a nightmare for all involved. The consumers, investors, and companies involved can all agree—they hate recalls. Consumers often face the inconvenience of faulty products or much worse—injuries, illnesses, and even death. For manufacturers, suppliers or investors, product recalls can wreak havoc on brand reputations, bottom lines and share prices. Let’s look at the… Read more »

criminal prosecution due to product recall

How product recalls have led to criminal prosecutions and bankruptcy

The threat is real! Protect your clients—help them be proactive While companies face many types of risks, a product recall can be devastating and extensive. An event can change a company’s financial profile, market performance, and reputation—even cause bankruptcy, criminal prosecution, or the company to shut down. Often, large corporations are better equipped to deal… Read more »

recall insurance for business survival

Product recall coverage is essential to business survival

Emerging trends are prompting companies, big and small, to purchase coverage As the world becomes more complex and marketplaces continue to evolve and interconnect, risk management solutions, including product recall and contamination coverage, have become essential to business survival. Companies of all sizes, not just larger businesses, are feeling the pressure to be proactive about… Read more »